The Reading Viaduct

After years of rumors and roadblocks, it looks like The Rail Park will become a reality. Last week, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission voted to move forward with the proposal, which will see the city purchase a 1/4-mile stretch of decommissioned railroad from SEPTA and turn it into Philadelphia's version of The Highline.

The SEPTA-owned portion of the railroad, which starts behind the creepy abandoned train car/hot dog stand at 400 North Broad, is just a small piece of the track. A large section running north from Callowhill is currently owned by Reading International Inc., but they're is too preoccupied opening up boutique movie theaters in Australia to do anything with it. So until philanthropic parks become more profitable than showing Mad Max: Fury Road 3-D in Bundaberg, you'll need to make do with photos we took last year. Or go see Mad Max: Fury Road 3-D. Charlize is a god.

The hub where The Rail Park will butt up against the Reading Viaduct.

Above 10th and Callowhill.

The SEPTA branch of the rail over Callowhill.

Spring Garden.

The abandoned Sping Garden Street Station.


Snorting Coke.

End of the line.

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